TRANSFORMA is a Torres Vedras based organization, involved in cultural and contemporary artistic practices, working at a local, national and international level.

The organization promotes the development and transformation of the society through the arts and creativity, approaching the organizations and the citizens of the several local communities.

Our goal is to produce knowledge, disseminate contents and facilitate creative documentation and research processes, operating within a large variety of artistic, educational and sociocultural contexts.

Transforma develops an integrated, creative and multidisciplinary activity from Torres Vedras, while simultaneously fostering regional, national and European activities. The organization offers a differentiated approach towards the dynamic development of its territory through contemporary artistic creation.

Our main goals are:

- To promote the activation of audiences in Torres Vedras, and in the western region of Portugal, through artistic and participatory activities carried out in conjunction with the local population;

- Promote reflexion and research of new practices concerning the daily use and fruition of public space;
- Develop and disseminate a critical discourse about the responsible and sustainable use of existing resources (the departure point of this reflexion is achieved through an artistic approach);
- Boost laboratorial, innovative and differentiated dynamics within the different artistic fields in which we operate, using to our advantage the organization’s geographic location in the Western region of Portugal;
- Intersect artistic and academic knowledge in order to create new approaches for society and the territory in which Transforma is integrated and intervenes.


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