Samuel Trifot (FR)
1987, Paris, France
Received a degree in Metal Sculpture and Set Design in 2008 by ENSAAMA, Paris, in Performing Arts and Theater in 2010 by Paris 8 University, Saint-Denis and in Digital and Visual Arts in 2013 by ENSBA, Paris. During this cursus he developed his experimentations with sound in relation with public and space in a total, immersive and relational context through residencies, exhibitions (Russia, Mexico, Brazil) and workshops, internships (USA, Latvia, Spain). Since 2005, he has regularly been on tour and performing hundreds of shows in more than 30 countries around the world with different music projects (Dorcelsius, BCBG, kikiilimikilii, Feu Machin). Since 2008, he has produced local and international musicians (Opale, Soft White, Charlene Darling) on his label Heia Sun and put some shows and improvisation sessions in Paris. He is currently working as artistic manager and curator of HAB.B. he founded in 2013 that is focused on spreading in France contemporary and emerging arab culture in a transdisciplinary perspective creating necessary dialogues mainly to fight hatred and ignorance of the other.

Valerie Dvořáková (CZ)

1989, Prague, Czech Republic
Master in Art History on Charles University in Prague and Arts Management on University of Economics in Prague. Began her professional career in culture in 2010 as Artist Coordinator in Vernon Gallery. After three years she decided to gain some inspiration abroad and left to Dijon, France for her Erasmus studies. She had a short experience in the television industry in the Czech public TV, working on the international projects. She spent the last year working in a private non-profit fine arts museum in Prague, writing articles and studies about the Czech art market and helping with a creative start-up project for Czech contemporary art.

Natalia Pichłacz (PL)

1986, Poznan, Poland
Art historian and curator. Her articles were published in Midrasz, Rita Baum and e-Czas Kultury. She has curated a multidisciplinary project in Galeria Przychodnia (Poznań, Poland) which consisted of a performance by two artists called Virgin$ Deluxe Edition and an exhibition of their video works. The main theme of the project was deconstruction of pop-cultural aesthetics. She has also curated an exhibition of Anna Nizio’s works in Gallery On (Poznań, Poland), called “Ladies ring twice, gentlemen only once”. Similar in form to a family album, full of warmth videos explored relationship between women working in a brothel in Berlin. Recently she became more interested in objects which trigger suppressed memories. She graduated in history of art at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Her master thesis was about memory of Holocaust in the generation of the grandchildren of Shoah survivors and especially about the importance of objects and photographies which appeared to be the most important medium of identity and memory.

Esther Alcaraz Sánchez (ES)
1988, Alicante, Spain
Diplomate in Teaching Early Childhood Education at the University of Granada and Degree of Pedagogy at UNED. Postgraduate Diploma in Children and youth at social risk. Teaching practices with children at social risk in Peru in public and private schools and orphanages, and in Spain at Special center for Roma children and floors daily with children with problems at home. Master of Educational Research at University of Alicante and conducting a dissertation about the work in the centers with student with education problem due to stay in economic and social risk.