Tuesday, 31 March 2015

nomen omen

Valerie is apparently a witch or a Czech Nostradamus, because the title of her post  describes perfectly the final show of the stopmotion animation called Panico do Castelo.

It was indeed a panic in Transforma, because unfortunately computers let us down. By the way, who on Earth would think that we're gonna have problems with computers, not children. 

The space was arranged as a cinema, there was also an exhibition  which consisted of castles made from recycled materials, collages and drawings. An exhibition curated with a lot of thought (maybe even too much) by me and Valerie. 

So the show was delayed for an hour, probably the most embarassing hour of my life. At least we had some sweets brought by parents to cheer up. Finally we had to show the animation without a sound, crushing down every 2 seconds.

But children liked the workshops and this is the most important thing. I also liked the children and this is the second most important thing. And thanks to little Inês I know how to correctly pronounce maçã and this is a lesson I will remember for my whole life.

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