Sunday, 5 April 2015

On Saturday I made, with the help of volunteers, the first workshop of the annual Feira rural in Torres Vedras.

 I can not be happier about how it went. A lot of people came specifically to do it because they had seen our posters, and others were walking along the Feira and they found us making paper and wanted to join the experience of creating their own paper using traditional methods. 

The speciality of our workshop was that we discovered the technique of how to make handmade paper without using glue or chemical dyes. 

 We create our paper and decorate with plants, flowers and other papers dyes or fruit.

The idea of the workshop was not only to teach how we can make handmade paper, as well make awareness about how we can fabricate new paper with naturals and quotidian things which we have at home as fruit peels, pencil shavings, flowers...Also the importance of the correct use we must give to the paper.

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