Thursday, 2 April 2015


After the first common workshop, it's time to work on the individual one.
Mine is called Pipripi and is focused on sound and music in relation with art and space with main objectives as :

  • To perceive art as an experience (personnal or collective).
  • Platform for collective, multiple interaction.
  • Basic electrical, recording and mixing knowledges

It's a creating a more active and federative dialogue between sound, space and community.
In that synth workshop we will build experimental sound machines (starting with a LFO) on the basis of digital logic chips (IC) and different resistors, capacitors and potentiometers in the perspective to use it live for the opening of the Soundproof session on April 25 in Transforma.CAIXA.

For the now, the schedule looks like that :

21.04: Soundwalk and field recording in Torres Vedras (basic use and mix of this sound material with Audacity).

22.04: Building of the synth (reading schematics, understanding of electrical concepts; how to use a breadboard and how to solder, experimenting different square waves…).

23:04: Composition and rehearsal of the opening show of Soundproof. Making of the podcast.

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